How does it work:

A souldrawing, including text, is created, at a distance,

 by tuning into your soul, letting express herself freely.


Your souldrawing is handed over to you in such a way

that you can receive its fruits fully, clarifying where necessary,

on a reading level when supportive.

This reflection can be in person or by Skype.

It takes about 45 minutes.

The Full monty:)-

If you want to go for the full package:

You receive after three months your the second drawing, 

again created by tuning into your soul on that moment,

building on and added in the original drawing, with new images,

text and a new clarifying handing over.

The third, 3 months later, again builds on the former,

the process is like a pregnancy, with a begin, middle and end.

With the end, marking the birth of a new period...

P.S.: I will keep a digital copy of the drawing as backup for anonymous publiction or promotional usages. 

An example of a three in a row: 

"Pinpoints the essence directly."

"I've never felt such a feeling of innerpeace and focus before."

Kathy.V - eco architecte 30 years.