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Since a decade, I have been creating Light portals on earth. It makes me feel very rich, joyful, grateful and truly being myself at the same time. 

I will try to put in words what a light portal is for me.

Opening a portal merges earth and cosmic energies together so that a greater level of energy arises on that certain place, 

the column of light, thereafter spreads horizontally over the surrounding area.

In that sense, it's helping the earth getting to a higher vibration, from which everyone can benefit. 

How it is created:

It's up to 'the greater whole' to decide where a lightportal is created. 

I am 'just' a well equipped instrument of opening up energies to itself, both in the small personal as in the greater global sense.

Well in advance, I see where a new portal may be created. 

Over time the energy builds up in my body and probably also on the spot itself. 

When, how and with whom unfold itself at the right time. 

Varying from creating them on the spot or at a distance, alone, together, with a group, with children, animals or just with the people being around, who like to join.

All spontaneous, letting go of control...and feeling,

trusting and expressing what feels right in the moment, following my higher self. 

How Light portals came to me: 

(Recording in dutch)

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