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"Spontaneity is for me another word to say: freedom.


It makes me feel happy or actually joyful is a better word,

to be able to be spontaneous.

Not bound by anything, to take each day as it comes,

to be in the moment with myself and others,

to express, in the moment what feels right, what is my truth.

Living from from inside out. Surrendering to your heart, or deeper knowing.

Spontaneity is, I think, a dance: knowing that you are free to move out

of a painful situation into a better one anytime you like.

Letting go of mental constructions, with that, stepping into your heart,

so you can be in flow, experience faith, inner peace, joy and focus,

as a natural result of being in your heart.

In a way it would feel wonderful to give other people a chance to learn about

the same thing: about what it is to be spontaneous, to feel free, playful and open as a child.

To live your authentic or natural self fully: recognizing, trusting and expressing your true self 

in the moment, being in connection with yourself, so with the world around you."


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