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Open up to your truly authentic self, 

by receiving a personal made souldrawing,

with a short catchy text,

including clarifying handover. 

It makes you sparkle,

transforms and sets you free,

giving you faith, flow and focus

in a simple, joyful and self-empowering way.



"The Souldrawing I received from Sanne and her accompanying explanation were absolutely spot on!

It was exactly what I needed to receive at this point in my life, for both my personal and professional development. 

Its message and invitation was absolutely what I needed to hear. It was both inspiring and hopeful and at the same time

a little bit confrontational - in a very good way!

I carry the drawing with me in my thoughts and feel it supporting and encouraging me in the growth steps that I am now taking.

It is an anchor for me.  I am so looking forward to the next instalment of the drawing and message after the first 3 months!"


Jo Boniszewski  - executive & leadership coach - barefoot


"Sanne's personal made drawings bring me joy and peace! I look at them and I feel relief, peace, truth and joy! 

I do not know how she captures the energy but she just does. Intuitively. Like she feels anything else in life

it is very intuitive and it hits the spot.  It's spot on and that 's why my heart opens every time I see her paintings. 

I thank you Sanne for your sensitive heart, your creativity and your gift of transmuting negative energy back into love

everywhere you go, coming out amongst others in your paintings!

Thank you!!!:) Danya Seginer.

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